Welcome to DDStuff.com

Normally I would have some news here, but...

After upgrading the website to the new PHP 8.2 (for security reasons), the old code that ran this website is no longer working.

AND Sadly the news script is dead.

In fact, watch this video to see how dead some things are:

"He's dead Jim." - Dr. McCoy

I will try to get this site back up in full health at some point.

--- Dylan

About This Site

The main reason I started this site is to avoid free-server sites, be able to expand my creative side in web based codes such as html, php, CSS, etc., and host some of my pals sites right here as I pay for the site. I'm also working on a major project for a site with mixed reviews and multimedia. I'm not going to tell what it is, yet...

How about a FAQ?

Good luck! Not popular enough to post one. :P

Contact Information:

So, you want to contact me about something? I have a few accounts on the web from Youtube...
To Twitter on your left (desktop) or on a mobile device, you can click the link. :P

DDStuff - (a.k.a., Dylan Ladd)
ddsc101com [at] gmail [dot] com - to email me.
MSN/WLM (Skype): same as my current email

Discord: Find me by my email address.

Other then that, if all you do is contact me for only 5 seconds and log off. Consiter yourself on my block list on any Messenger services. I mean it.